How the Bottle-less Water Cooler Can Benefit You

If you prefer pure, great tasting drinking water, but you do not want to be bothered by the consistent delivery and lifting of 5-gallon water bottles, there is another great solution for you – the bottle-less water cooler! This water dispenser uses state-of-the-art water purification technology that is connected directly to your existing water supply for a clean, worry-free installation.

Bottle-Less Water Cooler

Save Money

If the delivery costs of 5-gallon water bottles have you wondering if you should continue your bottled water service, consider the savings you will receive with our filtered water dispensers. A one-time installation and periodic preventative maintenance by our trained technicians is all that is required to keep quality drinking water readily available at your business, all of which is provided at one low fixed price. When you add up the savings you reap not paying delivery costs, the system just makes sense!

Quick Installation

Under Sink InstallationThe installation of the filtered drinking water dispenser does not take very long. All that our technicians must do is attach a ¼” food grade tube to the existing municipal water line. This line will run  where it cannot be seen – typically inside the walls and ceiling. No one will see the tubes, but will be able to benefit from the quality drinking water that is dispensed from the bottle-less water filtration cooler.

Save the Environment

Eliminating the need for plastic 5-gallon bottles several times a month can have a great impact on the environment. You do not have to sacrifice your desire for great tasting drinking water though, the water will come directly from your existing water line and into the water cooler where you can choose from hot or cold purified water.

The bottle-less water cooler makes sense for a variety of reasons. Whether you are running out of room to store the bottles; are looking to save money on your water delivery service; or you want to do your part to help save the environment, filtered water dispensers are ideal for office and industrial locations where traditional bottled water service is cost prohibitive or impractical.